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    Default <==== Vortex Open August 20th, 2011 Verona WI +$10,000.00 in Vortex Product ====>

    Mark you calendar and register today!

    Come enjoy a day of shooting with friends! Be sure to grab some of the tasty food and drinks that Blackhawk has to offer. Stop by the display area to check out what’s new for Vortex in 2011. Feel free to share your feedback about the event and our product.

    Shoot Info

    Free t-shirt for everyone registered!



    Video from last year

    We’re also going to be teaming up with the folks over at Blind Ambition Bale Blinds to offer one of their portable blinds. ( Anyone attending the event, participants or guests, is eligible to enter for the blind. The drawing for the blind will take place at the end of the day and the winner must be present to win.
    Again this year Hammer Bow Hangers will there with a display - Stop and say hi to Tony

    Contact us if you would also like to have a display the day of the shoot. All archery related manufactures or products welcome.

    Stay up to date on Blackhawk's Facebook page

    Hope to see you there!

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    Default Places to stay

    For those of you coming from a long distance there are hotels close by and camping arrangements can be made to stay at the club.

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    Everyone this is a great event and Vortex optics does a great job supporting the archery industry and tournaments. If you live a distance away its worth the drive.

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    Don't forget - Preregister by July 15th for the chance to win a Razor HD 10x42 Binocular - $1299.00 value or Viper HD 20-60x80 Angled Spotting with STX/128RC Tripod -$1249.00 value. The winner will choose!

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    Default Can't wait

    Can't wait to be in this shoot!!!
    New Breed Archery Staff Shooter

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    Spoke with Mike from Blackhawk this morning. As of yesterday we have 131 of the 225 shooters registered for the Vortex Open.

    Don't delay if you want to be one of the 225 -

    Registration Fees

    Preregister Postmarked by July 15th * ___Adult: $25.00 ___ 17 and younger: $15.00

    * Preregister by July 15th to be entered in the drawing for a Razor HD 10x42 ($1299.00) or Viper HD 20-60x80 Angled Spotting scope with STX/128RC Tripod ($1248) The winner will choose

    Postmarked After July 15th ___Adult: $35.00 ___17 and younger: $25.00

    Vortex Open T-shirt* (sizes S-XXXL) _____ * need to register before July 15th to ensure your size.

    Print this off to register

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    I signed up last Sunday!
    2009 Elite XLR Ninja
    2009 Elite XLR Black/Snow limbs
    2013 Bear Method

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    Default Pre-registratution is closed

    We're excited to say we've reached our goal for pre-registration.

    We welcome everyone to stop on out. Enjoy the company of shooters at the 3rd Annual Vortex Open, check out our products, meet the staff, see the other manufacturers on display, grab a bite to eat at the clubhouse and enjoy the day!

    Here's the list of those who pre-registered by July 15th for the drawing. The winner will be drawn this Thursday evening so have you phone handy.

    Dale Goytowski WI
    Tony Bickel WI
    Mike DeLapp WI
    Chris DeLapp WI
    Brian DeLapp WI
    Derek Klamrowski WI
    Kelly Mau IN
    Brad Mau IN
    Joshua Mau IN
    Dustin Holland WI
    Jerry Benson WI
    Jaylynn Benson WI
    Dave Klitzke WI
    Don Ward WI
    Ann Marie Austin WI
    Brian Austin WI
    Mike Austin WI
    Shane Sudmeier WI
    Jim Achenbach WI
    Casey Achenbach WI
    John Skarda WI
    Kenric Gibbs WI
    Tim Larsen WI
    Erik Larsen WI
    Kurt Phillips WI
    Casey Phillips WI
    Brandon Michek WI
    Ryan Michek WI
    Douglas Michek WI
    Terry Fields WI
    Buzz Zwettler WI
    Ron Krause WI
    Lexi Krause WI
    Kyle Galarowicz WI
    Shane Wiest WI
    Diane Sartain IL
    Mark Sartain IL
    Jeff Schultz WI
    David Schultz WI
    Clint Clemens WI
    Michael Wixom WI
    Jeff Button WI
    Jessica Button WI
    Danny Button WI
    Tracy Sarbacker WI
    Michael Zigler WI
    Al Fillmore WI
    Duane Austin WI
    Cody Austin WI
    Charlie ChristopherWI
    Robert Whaley WI
    Jarod Whaley WI
    Bryce Shumway WI
    Tory Vertein WI
    Kimberley Wolff WI
    Jeff Johnston WI
    Kaleb Johnson WI
    Matt Kerston WI
    Robert Ruchti WI
    Tim Fuhrmann WI
    William Busby WI
    David Milestone WI
    Steve Jahnke WI
    Tonya Jahnke WI
    Chad Henke WI
    Dick Mecum WI
    Mike Mecum WI
    Chad Worrall WI
    Jeremy Ewing WI
    Scott Rhyner WI
    Owen Rhyner WI
    Caden Rhyner WI
    Greg Rude WI
    Jim Carlsen WI
    Logan Rue WI
    Steve Kessnich WI
    Kimberly Kessnich WI
    Steven McReath WI
    Chad Bidlingmaier WI
    Kevin Zajicek WI
    Karter Zajicek WI
    Rodney Horne WI
    Patricia Horne WI
    Scott Williams WI
    Darwin Lauersdorf WI
    Marlin Ree WI
    Michelle Bliss WI
    Kevin Zalewski WI
    Jeff Jerstad Jr. WI
    Kevin Oldham WI
    Hunter Much WI
    Don Much WI
    Dan Feyen WI
    Jamie Palzkill WI
    Paul Nurkala WI
    Michael Petrin WI
    Nick Kieffer WI
    Marty Witt WI
    Eric Richardson WI
    Roger Lauersdorf WI
    Paul Flones WI
    Michael Balliett WI
    Ann Myrland WI
    Brian Myrland WI
    Todd Johnston WI
    Eric Winter WI
    John Hansen WI
    Mark Harrison WI
    Peter Acker WI
    Dave Corrigan AZ
    Ron Stilwell WI
    Luke Robertson WI
    Bill Robb WI
    Andy Skala WI
    Rick Anderson WI
    Jeff Stafford WI
    Dar Robertson WI
    Mason Dorn WI
    Jerry Lokken WI
    Brad Kuechler WI
    Reiny Kuechler WI
    Rob Douglas WI
    Dylan Douglas WI
    Mark GrosshueschWI
    Brandon Naeger WI
    Eric Halverson WI
    Jim Burns WI
    Jimmy Marquardt WI
    Jeremy Hanson WI
    Jason Hanson WI
    Jake Stiner WI
    Tyler Judd WI
    James Brown WI
    Scott Shuma WI
    Riley Arnold WI
    Jessica Shuma WI
    John Terre WI
    Chris Oller WI
    Dave Wright WI
    Brandon Wells IL
    Jason Suing WI
    Melvin Wells WI
    Jason Kast WI
    Travis Kaus WI
    James Milestone WI
    Mark Karplewicz WI
    Alissa Sepeda WI
    Trevor Olson WI
    Rich Semrad WI
    Joshua Carrico WI
    Mike Blocker WI
    Torrey Lemke IA
    Scott Bollman IA
    Chris Koppen WI
    KamronKoppen WI
    Kevin Phillips WI
    Nate Dammen WI
    Shawn Lancaster WI
    Tim Krahne WI
    Ryan Cushman WI
    Bill Howard WI
    Kyle Howard WI
    Ray Kuhl WI
    Jack Kuhl WI
    Kurt Gaber WI
    Mike Tassoul WI
    James Carr WI
    Watt Carpenter WI
    Karl Pfeiffer IL
    Mark Rust IL
    DouglasMcPherson WI
    Paul Schildgen WI
    Chad Byers IL
    Skip Koske WI
    John Mayer WI
    Mardi Schmid WI
    Tylor Flynn WI
    Wayne Rayfield WI
    Tony Platt WI
    Zalenda Koch WI
    Lenny Ahlen WI
    Lori Harrison WI
    Dan Hayden WI
    John Kadrlic WI
    Eric Harmon WI
    Paul Schlosser WI
    Chad Nelson WI
    Gary Fleishauer WI
    Jason Meyer WI
    Troy Jiskra WI
    Dennis Kinderman WI
    Thad Brueggen WI
    Ben Bariesterer WI
    Eric Boson WI
    Mike Bosmans WI
    Olin Boson WI
    Hayden Boson WI
    Jonathan Hillenbrand WI
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    Im ready for the call Tim !
    2009 Elite XLR Ninja
    2009 Elite XLR Black/Snow limbs
    2013 Bear Method

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    Default Shoot Full

    With the registration now full at 225, we are looking forward to another great event for 2011. We’re happy to say that this year we have a record number of vendors that will be on site with displays for everyone to see. Please be sure to stop by to see what’s new and thank them for their support.

    Elite Archery

    Blind Ambition Bale Blinds

    Steve’s Archery with Athens Archery and Forge Bows

    Tony from

    Chad Byers with

    Shane Weist with

    Born Free Wildlife Art

    Matt Frain is a rep for the following and will have all on display
    Strother Archery,
    Hunten Outdoors Cameras,
    Bow Jaws camera holders,
    Brite-Strike tactical lights,
    Cajun Archery Bow fishing,
    Hot Shot releases,
    Pyramex shooting glasses,
    and Energetic Solutions SHOO-TAG

    Be sure to tell your friends and family about the event. Even though registration is full, there will be a plenty of fantastic food, ice cold drinks, and laughs to go around. This is also a great opportunity to introduce people to the sport to see what it is all about. Keep in mind too that there will be some novelty shoots taking place so be sure that everyone brings their bow.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

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    Default Look what arrived today

    The shirt for this year turned out great!

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    Forecast looks great for next Saturday!

    After meeting with the club this week we decided to open the 3D range at 2pm on Friday afternoon to those signed up. If Friday works you'll need to contact me for more info.


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