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    Default Dont Waste Your Time Or $$$ at Extreme Outdoor Hunting club Marble Hill

    Me and several friends of mine have been to two of these 3D Shoots in Marble Hill, MO 63764. The first time we were surprised by the high cost of the entry and that there were no cash prizes or trophies. We were told that the reason for this was because they were going to give away two new bows and a hunting blind a several other prizes at the end of the shoots. When you pay for your entry you get a raffle ticket and then it is placed in a bucket if you placed first second or third place more tickets supposedly were placed in the bucket in your name.

    The second time we went we said that we would not be back because the targets were old and placed in bad locations. I like a challenge but this was ridiculous.

    Well I checked the 3D Shoots web site for shoots in the area and there was one listed for Marble Hill Extreme Outdoor Hunting club for Sunday May 15, 2011. So I went against my better judgment, because I like to shoot and it was my son’s birthday I decided to go back for the third time. A friend, my 7 year old son & I drove 150 miles on Sunday morning to go to this 3D shoot and they were not open. We asked some people at some houses in the area and they told us that they thought it was done for the year. We called the number listed on the shoot information several times and no answer. We asked were Joe Burton the person in charge listed on the 3D Shoots web site lived and we went to his house. There were two vehicles in the drive way and no answer. We then asked his neighbor about his archery shop and the 3D Shoot and they told us that they have had several people stop asking about him the shop and the shoot. Some were stating that they had guns that were almost paid for and that they wanted to pick them up and the store was closed and he would not answer the phone. We went into town and looked into the window of the archery shop and everything is gone.

    If you have any complaints on this please leave me your information and I will be compiling reports for the attorney general and the Bollinger County prosecuting attorneys office.

    Dont Waste Your Time Or $$$ at Extreme Outdoor Hunting club Marble Hill, MO

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    Default Please Delete this Post

    Please delete this post. Owner called and made it wright with me. Will be going back to the shoot soon. Thanks

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    Default delete

    Please delete

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