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Thread: PA BIrd Down

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    Default PA BIrd Down

    Did not shoot it with my bow but was a fun hunt.
    PA Evening Bird
    Well, my season came to a close on a rainy day in NW PA. I took full advantage of the first day of full day hunting in PA. I have hunted every morning before work this season with very little luck. A few encounters but most of the time the birds have been henned up. On Monday the 16th I decided to go out after dinner and wait for the gobbler, who frequents my field, and see if I could get him to committ to me. Sure enough he did and I finished him with a 3 1/2 in shot from my Benelli 12 ga. A very good bird! 8 7/8 in. beard and 3/4 in. spurs. My buddy tagged out as well on his farm that evening as well. His bird had a blonde beard. It was pretty cool.

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    Awesome! Congrats on the bird!

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