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Thread: Choosing Arrows

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    Default Choosing Arrows

    I shoot a Diamond Black Ice rated to 310-318fps, 50# @ 27.25” DL. Which arrow spine will work better for me, a 40# to 50# spine or a 50# to 60# spine? All mayor arrow manufactures separate their spine right at 50# in their charts. I shoot with a release and mainly do target shooting and 3d. Also what would be the lighter arrow weight that I can practically get at 27.25” draw length? I know that my arrows should weight at least 250 gr, but I don’t think that practically can’t get close to that weight.
    Does anybody here shoot a 50# @ 27.25” bow and what kind of arrows work better for you meaning spine, tip and weight?

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    Personally with a bow in that poundage range I'd go with some GT 3555's or something simular.

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