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    Default Bowtech Invasion+BowRattler+code red rest+Dead center archery stab = DEADLY QUIET

    his is going to be short(er) "n" sweet. As some of you know I got my Invasion a few weeks ago and was able to shoot it at some further distances with AWESOME results. At the end of the shot their was a metallic like twang that I just could not put my finger on where it was coming from. I decided to make some changes, after doing some research I found that the factory hollow string stop could have been the root cause for the twang at the end of the shot. Someone referred me to a company called Bow Rattler and let me tell you THIS string stop IS the REAL DEAL, its solid, well made and and NO TWANG at the end of the shot. Now with that being said I did change 3 key components (Rest, string stop and stab) so I cannot say that the Bow Rattler is the 100% cause in the 95% reduction in noise as I am sure the rest is also playing a role in the silence of this bow. What I can confidently say is that these components when teamed with each other ARE a ridiculously sick combo. I can also HONESTLY say that my bow is 95% quieter and I am finally seeing that my bow can be as silent as some of the Invasion vids I have seen on youtube. I think I am going to throw a slimjax on the FLX guard and I would be willing to bet that any remaining sound will be wiped clean. I cannot even explain what this bow and combo have done for my shooting skills and confidence. This was the last group I shot today in front of my neighbor at 30+yds and even he said he has NEVER seen me shoot as well with any other bow I have owned in the past especially at 30+ yds, his jaw was literally opened when I stacked these 4 arrows. The 1 flyer I got was shooter error as the sun was right in my face and I didnt turn my peep to make it str8 (string still settling) This bow is SOOOO sick and I feel very sorry for any deer that come out 40yds or less.

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    The Bow Rattler is probably the best buy accessory in all of archery.
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