Father's Day Special

Twisted Archer Custom Bowstrings Father's Day Special. This will be for a full set (3 pieces max) for $50 TYD 1st Class Mail anywhere in the USA. This special will run from 6/1/11 until 6/20/11 at Midnight so place your orders while you can.

Here is a rundown of what the $50.00 covers:

Single cam set: 1 string & 1 split harness cable
Dual cam set: 1 string & 2 split harness cables
Binary cam set: 1 string & 2 control cables
Cam & 1/2 or Hybrid set: 1 string, 1 control cable & 1 split harness cable

This is for the above mentioned sets in either 8125 or 452X or a combo of both in any 2 solid colors I carry in stock served with 3D or 2X if you have a Elite and if the tail of your split harness cable has to have Halo that will be included in the price, just the tail serving in Halo.

Canada and other countries please contact me with your shipping info and I will get you a shipping quote with a time frame.

Please pm me and let me know what bow you have and we can go from there as not all bows will fall into this special but most bows do.

Examples of some bows that do not fall into the special are Mathews Monsters, Alpine Silverado, Darton 3800 and so on with that style of harness system. Floating yokes are 2 separate pieces so floating yokes will also not fall into the special, a static yoke will though.

When placing your order I will need the following information.

Brand name:
String Length:
Cable Length or Lengths:
String Colors:
Serving Color:
AT User Name:
Shipping Info/Address:

I accept paypal at twistedarcher@msn.com

If you have any questions please pm me and I will get back to you as soon as possible, here are the colors I stock.


Flo Purple, Purple, Mtn. Berry, Red

Flo Yellow, Flo Orange, Flo Green, Pink

Kiwi, Teal, Green, Olive Drab (O.D.)

Tan, Yellow, Blue, Rootbeer

Black, Silver, White

Metallic Bronze

Thanks for looking,