Squirrels Outdoor is moving and has decided to sell, buy, and trade guns and related products and is getting rid of the archery equipment we currently have in stock. This includes the TechnoHunt we bought 18 months ago. The system is in perfect condition and includes a brand new projector (never used). A brand new system cost approximately $28,000 (see below). WE ARE ASKING $12,000 for ours

Buying a slightly used system makes more sense economically.

If anyone is interested in buying the TechnoHunt, please call 606-678-0600 and talk to Chris.

Below is the website for TechnoHunt and information about the system itself.


TechnoHUNT Model 100 (TH100)

TechnoHUNT Model 100 (TH100)

The base model archery system operates in a range up to 20 yards long from the shooting line, with 9'3" height and 10'6" width. It includes:

Powerful Intel powered computer running on Windows XP Pro., video monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and printer
New stand-alone steel frame for sensors, target screen, and projector.
Advanced arrow tracking sensor array
Digital video projection system with speakers
Archery Interactive's patented Model 1500 tracking system
Archery Interactive's TechnoHUNT™ software
Archery Interactive's exclusive League Management software for automated management of multiple leagues
Printout and shooter database capabilities for tournament, league and individual play management,and record-keeping
75, 100, and 125 grain blunt arrow tips designed specifically for use with your TechnoHUNT system