2008 Bowtech 101st Airborne with 60 lb limbs
- Specs: 7 1/4" brace height, 27.5" to 31.5" DL, 36 1/4" A to A, IBO 332 to 340 fps
- New Wicked bow string, used Bowtech factory cables in VG conditon.
- Overall, I would rate the bow VG mechanically. Cams have some scratches and nicks, but nothing that affects functioning or causes string problems. Lots of life left in this bow.
- Camo finish is RT HWD Green. Finish on the riser is in poor condition, but the limbs are in good condition. Based on my research, some of the early bows with in-velvet finish had problems. This is one of those bows and the finish on the riser has not held up well. Unfortunately, the finish is not covered by warranty. For bowhunting, I will guarantee that the deer will not notice. A new dip for a riser is about $65. I have priced the bow lower to account for the finish wear on the riser.
- One set of mods of your choice: QB 4 = 28.5" DL, QB 3.5 = 29" DL, QB 1.5 = 31" DL

MSRP was $829. Asking $300 plus actual shipping.