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Thread: CT bucks...July

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    Default CT bucks...July

    I posted a couple pictures back in June of a buck that was forming some good looking brows.This deer is really starting to take off now.I've also got two other decent looking bucks on camera also.Hope the growing continues to sky rocket for these critters.
    I believe this is the buck at the begining of June.

    Here it is one month later on July 7th

    Two other decent looking bucks from the same property.

    Decent 8 pt.

    Good 6 pt.

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    lookin good rut .... the first buck will be a dandy for sure

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    I don't know if it's the IR photos or what but those bucks are looking awful thin. The first pic(color) that one is looking ok but if thats the same deer in the IR photos it looks like he lost alot of weight? If it makes it throught this season it out to be a dandy with another year of growth on him. The other 2 look like they'll grow up to be a couple of dandys as well.

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