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    Default 2011 New Breed Archery- Eclipse

    Thought I would share me newest purchase.........

    I ordered a New Breed Archery "Eclipse" before it was even named.
    After having a New Breed Genetix for over a year and it being my bow of choice even thru all the 2011 releases, I knew the Eclpise would be nice.
    I ordered a left handed model and custom camo finished to boot.

    Once again Kyle and the guys at New Breed Archery hit a homerun with the Eclipse.

    New Breed Archery Eclipse
    ATA- 35
    Brace- 7
    IBO- 333 to 337 Feet per second
    Proline strings, Barnesdale Limbs, Bow Rattler String-stop.

    MSRP- $819
    Available dressed in Black riser and Next G1 camo split limbs as the Stock finish.
    (Custom camo available @ $150 Upcharge)

    Draw and Feel-
    I have shot the original Bionex cam since it first came out, this is the first New Breed bow I have shot with the new Bionex 2.0 modular 2-track cam-to-cam system on it. The adjustable draw lengths is a smart move and the cam is just as smooth as the original. It hold rock solid and has a nice valley and let down to it as well.

    Fit and Finish-
    I have used four different hydro camouflage dipping facilities easily found thru the internet and Jeff at Hannover Hydro is tops in my book. I have had a few bad experiences with other Companies found here on Archery Talk and will stick with Hannover Hydrographics from now on.
    I changed my minds several times of what pattern I was gonna go with and finally stuck with 3D Deception.....glad I did.
    Pictures cannot capture how crisp this camo scheme is, very nice. This pattern is so clear and crisp, I can see the pine needles and the micro Predator logo all over the bow, very nice pattern.
    I got a sling from Straight'N Arrow bowslings, and guessing when I ordered, it was a perfect match to my strings.

    Overall Performance-
    Setting the bow up at 90 degrees and 7/8 inch as per the manual got me a perfect bullet hole right away with my HT-2 arrows.
    As far as initial speeds, running it thru the Pro Chrono indoors with no lights I got the following at 65lbs / 28.5 draw dead on:
    370 grains = 290 FPS
    325 grains = 306 FPS.
    Not bad speeds for two draw stops, a Dloop and TruPeep on the string and straight outta the box with no special tuning and under 100 shots on the strings. Later after a few dozen shots I was getting 291 and a few occasional 292 readings out of the same Chrony.

    I am a short ATA bow guy, this bow being slightly longer than the Genetix holds well yet isnt too long or heavy for my liking.
    This is will make a great All Purpose bow, both target and hunting. At a lil over 6 and a half pounds as pictured, it balanced very well in the hand (with my "grenade launcher" stabilizer Jeff liked to call it) Before and after the shot.

    Thanks New Breed Archery, keep up the great work.
    New Breed Archery-Genetix 28.5"/ 60lbs & 365gr. = 285 FPS
    New Breed Archery- Eclipse 65/28.5" & 370gr. = 291 FPS
    Bowtech- 82nd Airborne 28.5"/ 60lbs. & 325gr. = 327 FPS
    Strother Archery- SR-71 28.5"/65lbs. & 370gr. = 303 FPS

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    I like it !!!!
    That course was so easy I even missed a target !!

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    very nice looking bow

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