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    Default Hunter's Challenge 3D Course -- 'Something Different'

    This year at the Bend Bowmen Hunter's Classic 3D, we will have a new Novelty event: The Hunter's Challenge. This is a full 3D course with up to 20 targets, and maybe more stations. Here's the kicker. Not all of the targets are shoot-able....

    One of the issues with 3D as a sport (from a hunter's perspective) is that you never question the shot. You step to the stake, get the yardage, take the shot. If not, you drop the points, and are out of the running. This course is different.

    You will be given a score card and a copy of the Oregon Big Game regulations at the start. At each stake, you will have to ask, "Is this shot safe, legal, and ethical?"

    If you take an unsafe or illegal shot, you will score -12 points. Choosing not to shoot will gain you an automatic 12 points. Each target will have a score card at the target explaining how to score.

    Possible shots include illegal stake locations (i.e. in a road.), illegal game animals, blatant safety violations, property boundaries, or other commonly cited violations. All scenarios will be real hunting scenarios and there will be no 'gimmies' or easy shots. You will see angles and shots you see in the field, not just broadsides.
    This course has been prepared with consultation from ODFW, ODFW Hunter Education, OSP Fish & game, Bow Hunter Education, and other organizations. This course is not my 'opinion', but facts and common scenarios hunters get themselves into, and it will be fun.

    'Lucky' will be making his 3D debut as well....

    Time on stake will be 30 seconds, unless otherwise posted.

    There will be two divisions: 13 and under, and everyone else. No male/female/equipment classes. The dead animal doesn't know the difference. We will cut the kids some slack though.

    40 lb minimum draw weight for adults.

    Prizes for both divisions have been donated by our sponsors this year including Kershaw knives, Oregon Pack Works, Rock Mountain Products, ODFW, and Green Gate Pursuits.

    The goal is to have fun and to promote safe, legal hunting.

    This is just part of the biggest Bow Hunting weekend in Oregon:

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    it is looking like it will be a great weekend!

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