Wicked1'strings is now having a sale for $65,2 color string and matching straight n arrow sling.we are all caught up,and have revamped how the shop is ran,and are adding a 2 week gaurantee on shipping now,along with our usual full 1 yr warranty...100% dynaflight 10 string matierial,and halo serving.sale applies to these colors

Dark purple,sunset orange,flo green,flo yellow,royal blue,baby blue,yellow,red,mtn berry,pink,natural cedar, teal,green
and for serving
black,yellow,flo purple,mtn berry, brown,sunset orange,bronze
If youd like to place an order please contact me directtly at 402-620-5625
if your strings are not to you in the 2 week time frame i will personally purchase you a set from any maker of your choice.
thanks luther