I have an Elite Pure 60* Snow Camo Limbs with Black Riser. The bow has the 27.5" mods now but I also have the 29" modules. The bow is in great shape. Has a custom string and cables along with a G5 Meta Peep and D loop. The bow can also come with a Black Gold Ascent .19 pin sight and limb driver rest. The bow shoots very nice but the 36" ATA just isn't my cup of tea. Bow shot 299 fps with a 305 gr arrow and the limbs maxed out on 27.5" DL.

Price: $675 bare

$825 loaded

Trades: (must be able to achieve 27.5" dl)
K&K Vindicator or Vengeance
PSE Vendetta XL
Bear Carnage
Bowtech Destroyer or Invasion
Darton 3800
Hoyt Crx 32 or 35
Mathews Z7 Magnum