I guess it is time to sell one of my baby's it is a 2009 Mathews Drenalin LD here is a list of everything that I have in the bow, and just to let you know this bow is like and new as when i bought it new from the store. Im only asking 1,000.00 for all of this if you wonna add it all up your looking at over 1600.00 just in all these parts not including the labor i paid to have it worked on. I live here in tomball on the north side of houston i only let one shop here in town work on my bows and its The Bow Zone they are very friendly, nice, and helpfull....but like i was saying i have over 1600.oo in this bow the sights alone i think were almost 500.00, this bow is sweet and shoots even sweeter... dont really wonna sell it but i could use the money right now..OR I WILL TAKE THE SIGHTS OFF AND I'LL TAKE 600.00 FOR EVERYTHING.. YOU CAN TEXT ANYTIME , 281-851-2940
2009 Drenalin LD 29' draw length 60-70lb pull
Mathews 5 Arrow Quiver
Father Hogg Sights 3 pin wrapped
Axion 5' stabolizer
Dead End string stop
Trophy Ridge Drop Zone
Eye Peep
D Loop
6 like new Carbon Express Aramid KV arrows
5 G5 Broad Heads
new winters choice string