I guess it is time to sell one of my baby's it is a 2009 Mathews Drenalin LD here is a list of everything that I have on the bow, and just to let you know this bow is like and new as when i bought it new from the store. this bow is sweet and shoots even sweeter... dont really wonna sell it but i could use the money right now.... YOU CAN TEXT ANYTIME , Kerry 281-851-2940 I WANT 800.00 TO YOUR DOOR STEP
2009 Drenalin LD 29' draw length 60-70lb pull
Spot Hogg, Father Hogg Sights with the 3 Pin Wrap
Mathews 5 Arrow Quiver
Axion 5' stabolizer
Dead End string stop
Trophy Ridge Drop Zone
Eye Peep
D Loop
6 like new Carbon Express Aramid KV arrows
8 Easton FMJ's fetched with 4inch feathers i use them for target shooting
5 G5 Broad Heads
new winters choice string