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Thread: Bow tuning

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    Default Bow tuning

    I shoot a Bowtech Invasion that is dead on at 40 yards. When I step back to 50 it is shooting 4 inches to the right. I have checked everything I know and can't get it fixed. Anyone got any ideas how to solve my problem?

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    Unless there is something wrong with your sight, I don't see how you could be hitting from 20-40 and then suddenly be off 4" at 50 yards.

    Now if you are canting your bow then that would make more sense.
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    Wind? Was it with broadheads? are you really accurate enough to tell at 20 and 30 if its just a bit more off to the right?
    I did once have a hunting bow that did that when I was shooting under splined arrows with broadheads that were way to lare and heavy

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    Are u holding level , or holding to long and pulling it , what type of rest ? or arrow is to light ? i have an old hoyt magna tech, and it dont quiet have enough ass to be accurate at that distance myself , you should be around 285 fps so that shouldnt be your problem, but possible,

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    Pin size could matter too. In my case I have a tendency to shoot right at longer distances simply because I'm sliding right to be sure of my elevation because my pin is bigger than the spot, so I can't just hold it on. Peeking, or moving the bow slightly to the right to see, could also be the culprit. Like Chris said it does'nt make sense for the bow to go wrong from 40-50. It's likely you.
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    things to check size you have a level in your sight? i.e. holding bow upright.
    3.peep sight?, string twist.

    last but not least, and my favorite..... operator error?

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