I put together this deer hunting outfit as a retirement gift to myself. Now, it looks like I cannot use it. All the extras are from Cabellas and have not been shot more than 100 times. Their bowshop did the set-up. The only time I was outside was to sight in the sight pins. The rest of the time was practice in my basement. At this time I will not break up the set. I would consider a nice 30-06 rifle in trade. If you have never experienced a Bowtech compound, now is the time….Gary. $575.

Bowtech 2008 101st. Airborne
50-60lb. draw weight.
27.5" - 31.5" draw length.
Includes 27.5,30,31,31.5 draw length modules.
Other module lengths available from Bowtech.
Realtree Green Camo color.
Bojax STS String Suppression System
Limb Saver S-Coil Stabilizer
Truglow 5 pin sight w/light
Wrist Strap
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit
Kwikee-3 Fixed Stem Quiver
Scott Rhino XT release
3 Rage 40KE Slip Cam Broadheads
4 Gold Tip Pro Hunter graphite arrows
Plano Protektor hardcase