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    Default Want to Start Competative Shooting

    I have been bow hunting and target shooting for a few years now and and would like to get into tournament shooting. What are your suggestions regarding the set up differences in bows and equipment. I shoot a Matthews Passion with a 11.5 inch stabalizer and a Quality Archery Design Ultra-Rest. I use Gold Tip arrows with Blazer vanes. I practice daily, up to about 40 yards. Any advice is greatly appreciated. As a young woman, I want to be fully prepared for this before I show up to potentially compete and finding out what others use/prefer is a great way to get ready.

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    Just go to shoots and shoot in the " for fun" , not "for money" classes and just get the feel for it that way. You will pick up alot in a few shoots
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    Best advise, just go and have fun. You'll learn as you go, most of the time you'll find more help than ya need.

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    Yup, just go. Weather it's an indoor or outdoor type of shoot. You'll be the greenhorn first time out, but you catch on quick Don't be afraid to ask alot of questions. We've all been through that first shoot. Just go. Beware, it's addictive.
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    Check with your state's field archery websight, (use google) to find any schedule of local shoots. Indoor season kicks off in novenber, or october for some states. You can also familiarize yourself with the different classes you could potentally compete in. I would suggest finding one that compliments your current equipment set up and allows you to compete againse others using similar set ups. I'm not sure on all the women's divisions but, for men competing with short stabilizers and pin sights they would shoot the bowhunter freestyle class. Keep in mind this if for NFAA type events ( THere are also FITA or NAA events, which share the same rules. will give you all the info you need for these types of tournaments. Only draw back for you here is that they don't have a "bowhunter" class, so the other women you will be competing against will likely be using scopes with lenses, and long stabilizers. You can still compete by all means, but your slightly at a dissadvantage in these types of venues, if you use your current equipment.

    Check out those websights for all the details and good luck to you.

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    Try to find a local archery club near you and if you have time, join it. You'll meet and get to know people who can help you learn the sport. They will probably ask you to help with the range occasionally, but the info you get will rapidlly benefit you. Plus, normally you can shoot the practice range year round for a whole lot cheaper than buying your own target, (membership dues) and it will most likely be the same brand/style you will see in the local tourns.

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    If you are truly serious about competing in tourneys and moving up in the ranks, as some suggest, join a club and see if any members are certified coaches. Nothing like getting a coach to train you for competition. World class shooters still use coaches to better themselves and you may find a world of difference in your performance on a competitive level.

    Good luck and welcome to the world of competitive archery, there is no life like it.
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