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Thread: Big Game

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    Default Big Game

    What weight arrow and broadhead do you use for hunting deer, pigs, bear, etc?

    I'm thinking about stepping up the arrow weight, currently using 340 & 350 gr. I like G5 Montecs because they shoot exactly like my field tips and are sharp enough i can shave with em.

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    I used the 125gr g5 montec 2 years ago and they flew nothing like my feild points. I like the g5's for there durability though. Smashed one into a creek bed shooting at a coyote(missed). Dug the arrow out of the rocks took the broadhead home and put it on a stone and sharpened it right up. As far as arrow weight I shoot 7595GT's and a 100gr tip now. My set up is set at 65 lbs on my Hoyt Alphaburner. This combo has worked good for me. I really don't care to much about speed on my hunting arrows but they are flying at 280 right now. Yeah I could go to 5575's and get faster arrow flight but I think the heavier arrow penatrates better.

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    I use 100grn muzzy MX3 broad head for everything and my total arrow weight is 372grns.
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    man I thought he was talking bout the Detroit/ Cleveland game last nite

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    Total arrow weigth is 450 grns, 31.5 of 9.7 gpi shaft , insert, 100 Gr Muzzy 3 blade, nock and Norway 'Preadator' vanes. They fly out of my 63# Slayer at 285 fps and hit with 81 lbs of KE. More than enough for for this big boy! If he'll only co-operate and stand for for me just like this !

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    I use spitfire 100grain and they fly exactly like field points dont believe me try them u see

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    Sharp and hit the spot is primary. It's tougher to stop a train then a corrola, so weight does matter. But it's a trade-off with the size of the game to the drop of the arrow to be considered. I go middle of the road 400-450 grains total, this year probably using G5 Strikers cause I have 6 new ones. I've used several heads in the past and if they're sharp and hit the spot you aim at, it really does'nt matter much after that. IMO you just don't want a large diameter head on a super-light arrow. I like a passthrough.
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