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    Default Finally, someone tells it like it is (congress, Obama, etc)

    It's about time someone finally looses their cool and tells it like it is. The people are pissed about the way our government is running or should I say ruining this country.

    Watch this video
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    I loved it.....that fella was all fired up.


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    I got to share this on facebook that guy was awsome!

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    Ruined this country. Noew due to some Obomo Trade agreement, the last athletic shoe manufacturer left in the US, New Balance will have to move to manufacturing to Viet Nam.
    Its like theyre doing it on purpose.
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    tkx VChris
    we definitely need an complete overhaul of our leadership right and left
    our liberty has been challenged and soon to fall if we do not act on this desperate and powerful issue of freedom

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    I don't know who the hell he is but I'm writing him in for President.

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