Soooo...I already had LW sticks and while these have their place, I was looking to buy another set of fast sticks that allowed for better footing. I was torn between the Muddy's and the Summit Bucksteps. I decided to order the Muddys first and give em a run before also buying the summits.

Well this afternoon the Muddys showed up and I quickly and furiously ripped open the box and headed for my tree pole behind my shop!

I must say these things are pure awesome! I cannot believe how fast these things go up! The rope and cam system which I was highly skeptical of when these boys were first introduced is unreal! Head over heels faster and easier than the LW versa button and strap. No more need to adjust and re-adjust the straps to the right fit of the tree, just grab the rope and pull it thru the cam.

I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a moveable set w/ even footing.