When: Friday nights, Sept. 30 - Nov. 18
Times: 7 pm - approx. 9 pm
Who: Anybody with a bow
Cost: See website (www.tricountyrodandgun.com)
Classes: None. 2 person teams drawn at league. Or open shooting.
Awards Ceremony: Nov. 18, beer mugs

-Vegas 450 league.
-15 ends for score. Shoot 3 arrows per end.
-8 week league.
-All ages and abilities welcome.
-Compounds and traditional bows welcome.
-Averages and handicaps calculated.
-Distance is 20 yards (ages 12 & up) or 10 yards (under age 12).
-We will have lanes open for nightly practice ($5/night) if you don't want to join the league.
-Can handle 32 people each night, 16 people per line.
-Have 6 spider web bales and plan to order 2 more. Until then, we're using the old indoor bales (mostly for kids).