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    Default Bohning Offers a New Twist for Bohning Vanes using the Bohning Helix Tower Jig

    By Barry O’Regan – Bohning Pro Field Staff

    Impressive is all I can say with the 3 degree angle look and performance of the Bohning Vanes fletched using the Bohning Helix Tower Jig.

    I own an assortment of Jigs, Bitz, Arizona E-Z fletch (both models) as well as both Jo-Jo Jan straight and helical jigs. While all these are well made jigs, they do not allow for human error, when it comes to consistency from vane to vane when trying to put a helical twist on your arrows.

    While the Arizona E-Z fletch helical and straight jig has a pull and twist mechanism, it is a crap shoot to get these jigs to consistently align to the arrows stiffest part of the spine from arrow to arrow. The Jo-Jo Jan requires loosening, locking screws, align here and there, nock turns etc. The Bitz, while better, still requires some patience and practice.

    Note: All these jigs with the exception of the Arizona E-Z fletch will only do one vane at a time.

    What I need is a foolproof, idiot proof jig that when I put in a vane it comes out perfect and is consistent from vane to vane, arrow to arrow, with no fussing about aligning the star constellation and earth axis. Bohning did just that with their Bohning Helix Tower Jig which puts a perfect helical on all three vanes at the same time and alignment is perfect from arrow to arrow.

    As the photos attest, a helical spin looks sweet with the benefit that you will soon find amazing stability and grouping when you put a helical spin on your arrows.

    If physics has taught us anything, a helical spin on an arrow offers more stability and self correcting properties in flight at various distances over a straight vane. This is especially important for Bowhunters using broadheads, FITA and 3D Shooters looking for that added edge in tournaments.

    Below is the A to Z (actually A to O) on the how to apply a helical fletch on your arrows. This tutorial will assist archers on how to apply a perfect and consistent helical spin on their vanes or feathers using the Bohning Helix Tower Jig.

    Now to begin the fletching process

    First remove your nock from your arrow, then give your un-fletched arrow a quick wipe with a clean cotton cloth dipped in a tiny amount of Bohning Archery SSR Arrow Shaft Cleaner to remove any residue and contaminants.

    Then place your un-nocked arrow shaft over the centre post in Bohning Helix Jig.

    Note the arrows logo, make sure you align your **** fletch with the arrows logo, this is a very important step. Failure to do so may mean poor arrow grouping at longer distances.

    My testing of various arrow manufacturers has shown most place their logo on or near the stiffest part of the carbon arrows spine.

    PSE X-Weave have not parting line, and are an interweave construction around the arrow, thus their arrows are reputed to be at an optimum spine no matter where you position your nock.

    What we want to achieve is arrow spine consistency from arrow to arrow, so if you align the **** fletch with the manufacturer logo it is reported your arrows should be all spined consistently, though the label may not be the stiffest part of the spine, just a consistent spine. You can field practice later on, adjusting your nock accordingly to determine the tightest arrow groups.

    A consistent spine means consistent arrow groups.

    Once arrow logo alignment is assured, take your Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum glue and apply it along the Bohning vane grooves.

    Fold up the fletching arms carefully; noting the position of freshly glued vane is aligned perfectly to the arrow logo.

    Press the fletching arms upwards and lightly against the arrow shaft.

    Then take the red locking collar and slip it over the top of the arrow shaft and using light to moderate pressure as you slide the locking collar down towards the Bohning Helix Tower jig. Do not use too much pressure pushing down the collar to seat as it will distort the vane against the arrow shaft.

    Wait 5 minutes, and lift off the Red locking collar completely, then pull away the fletching arms one by one slowly away from the arrow.

    Pull out your arrow, check for the fletch consistency, then put back your arrow’s nock, place the arrow nock right side up and let cure and dry for 4 hours or overnight before using.

    You now have a perfect 3 degree helical fletched Bohning Vane, even on a skinny Victory Nano (now called VAP) arrow with no vane overhang off the arrow.

    Please Note

    Using the Bohning Helix Tower jig will offer the same helical results from any vane up to 2.5 inches in length and will work with any make of arrow you choose.

    If you use vanes longer than 2.5 inches in length, you will need the model called the Bohning Complete Tower Fletching jig, which comes with various fletching arms to accommodate each different vane length.

    To be certain, with Bohning’s variety of fletching arm configurations the archer will not be disappointed with the results!

    Field Test

    I took my newly helical fletched arrows to the range to compare grouping and accuracy against my straight fletched Bohning Blazers and X-Vanes.

    From 10 yards to 50 yards, both helical and straight fletched vanes grouped almost identical, with the helical vane arrow getting a little tighter grouping.

    I then went out to 50-55 yards (most likely the longest distance you will shoot in a 3D shoot or hunting scenario) and shot my straight fletched Bohning Green vane equipped arrows, picking two random spots on the target face. This was followed by shooting my helically fletched Bohning Red vane equipped arrows and aiming at where I placed my two previous straight fletched arrows. The result was no arrow drop with the helical fletched vanes bang on the money slapping against my straight fletch vane arrows.

    Arrow drop with a helically vane arrows is minimal over 55 yards, with a noticeable arrow drop at distances over 55 yards when compared to straight vane arrows. Since a helical vane on an arrow may drop a tad at longer distances, it does offer more stability and arrow correction at any distance. All that is needed is a small sight adjustment to bring your helical vane arrows back in line at distances over 55 yards.

    Bohning’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dale Voice asked me what the results would be shooting a hunting arrow equipped with a Bohning Blazer with a 3 Degree Helical at 90 meters, a FITA distance!

    Well as you can see the helical fletched Blazer vane gave a nice arrow group with a 1st and 2nd rough sight dial in. One of our Burnaby Club members Phil, witnessed this first time 90 meter distance shoot and was amazed a large diameter hunting arrow equipped with helical Bohning Blazers displayed such a nice group at 90 meters.

    Most FITA shooters use straight vanes or a small offset on their skinny arrows such as Easton X-10s and McKinney arrows, both which have small diameter arrow shaft, both which are not really suited to take such a radical 3 degree helical vane.

    Shooting hunting arrows equipped with Bohning Blazers and a helical at 90 meters was under windy conditions during this field test. While the 90 meter arrow grouping was nice, wind definitely affected the arrow flight accuracy, but not arrow stability to group as it did. Still impressive!

    Perhaps with further tuning, I could use these Helical applied Bohning Blazers in a FITA shoot just for the line cutting ability, though I surmise fellow FITA shooters may not like a Bohning Blazer equipped large diameter hunting arrow slamming into their pricey Easton X 10s or McKinneys.


    All in all when points count, especially in 3D shoots, FITA and Bowhunting, you cannot beat a helical fletched Bohning vane, courtesy of Bohning Archery and their Bohning Helix Tower Jig.
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    Default Bohning Helix Tower Jig continued

    Here is a continuation of Bohning Helix Tower Jig fletching process.

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    Default Conclusion of the field review

    Certainly a helical twist will give your hunting arrows, broadhead equipped arrows or target arrows the stability you need.

    Happy Shooting.

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