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  • Gateway Feathers

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  • Norway Duravanes

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  • Flex Fletch Vanes

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    Default Bohning Archery Puts A Helical Spin on Bohning Blazers

    Helical Spin on Bohning Blazers

    By Barry O'Regan- Bohning Pro Field Staff

    If physics has taught us anything it is putting a spin on the arrow is the same principal as the rifling in the barrel of a rifle. The more spins per inch the more accurate.

    But in archery we are limited to the slower speeds, rotational spins due to arrow size, vanes and rest contact.
    My test will determine where the biggest difference for helical vanes accuracy and grouping would be out 50 meters.

    I put a 3 degree helical on my Victory HVs to gauge itís performance, While I know a rifling profile improves accuracy, I also wanted to witness what the drag coefficient will be at different distances, as a spinning arrow will undoubtedly create drag, thereby eventually the arrow will run out of gas.

    I am more interested in accuracy and grouping between a helical arrow over a straight vane arrow and not arrow drop, cause that is what pin sights are for.

    Below is a comparison with helical versus straight vanes.
    Once I have stripped a dozen of my Victory V6 400s of Blazers, I took out my Bohning Helix Tower Jig which already comes with a preset 3 degree angle and began applying a 3 degree helical to my new Bohning Blazers.

    Once fletched my Bohning Blazers look awesome with a 3 degree offset.

    I went out to the range and shot both helical and straight Bohning Blazers (identical weight and spine stiffness) arrows alternating between helical and straight vane arrows from typical 3D distances of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 meters.

    I then tried shooting both arrows out to 70 and 90 meters to determine what distance the helical fletched Bohning Blazer runs out of gas due to helical drag coefficient and drops compared to the straight fletched Bohning Blazer.

    At 10 to 45 meters there is no difference in accuracy or grouping with either helical or straight fletched Bohning Blazer.

    At 50 to 70 meters, the helical gave a slightly tighter arrow group when compared to the straight vane Blazers, an important consideration when a point or two in a tournament can mean the difference between placing or sitting on the sidelines.

    The good news is it seems whether your Bohning Blazers are helical or straight the arrow groups and accuracy with the Bohning Blazer match each other head to head out to 45 meters.

    In conclusion, both straight and helical Bohning Blazers show uncanny accuracy, and hit the X spot. Thatís great news for the BowHunter, 3D Shooter and Field Shooter .

    I also put a helical 3 degree helical with Bohning's 1.75 X-Vane Shield cut vanes on my skinny Victory Nanos (Now called VAPS). What was impressive was the 70 meter group.

    Bohning Delivers.

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    I still use Bohning Platinum glue and Bohning F nocks, but I tried Duravane Fusions, theyre bases are the best I've seen. They are the most durable I've used. I dont see myself using Blazers again.
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    Default Thanks Compound Comedian

    I would think any vane on the market could use a 3 degree helical and work fine when it comes to groups for those who are looking for stability for their arrows.

    Thanks for the comment.

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