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    Default Goldtip Press annoucement about knock promblem

    We at Gold Tip are aware of issues with our nocks. While the overall reported rate of failure is less than one in a thousand, any level of failure is not acceptable to Gold Tip. We have identified the root cause of the failures as a material issue. As a result, we have initiated a change in material specifications with our nock suppliers. If you have experienced any Gold Tip nock breakage or have any doubts about your existing nocks for any reason please return those nocks for immediate replacement. We will pay for all shipping and replacement of your nocks at no charge. For more information, please contact us by email at or by phone at 801-229-1666, or 800-551-0541 between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm MT.
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    I cant believe it has taken this long. I was having problems with them shattering while during the shot while in the bow on my tripple X's when they first came out I was told they must have been hit hard. Well I was shooting a five spot and the arrows had less then 200 shots. Nock fit was good. Oh well I went back to easton and Ill stay with them.

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    ive had the same problem from day 1, i went to uni bushings and supernocks~ not that big a problem.
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    yeah , I use Easton G Nock Bushings and Bohning F Nocks. GT makes a good shaft, but a good nock system either isnt that important to them or they need to fire theyre nock system engineer
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    Hey it's sometimes difficult to acknowledge a problem. They did, and I expect GT will take care of it. Arrows are their business.
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    I've got over a hundred Gt's and the only problem i've had with the nocks is when we fire them into Gum tree's (always someone elses fault) the sudden stop shatters them!!!!If this is the only problem they've got I say go the golddies!!!!!

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    Talking A little known fact !

    I've had very minor problems with mine !

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