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Thread: Fletching jigs

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    Thanks guys for all the input finally went with the Bohning tower let you know how it goes 3 at a time what'll I do with all my spare time?????I know get on line and have a goodOhh Compound Comidiian(Look 2 ii's and there watching you) what do mastercard,Pammy Anderson and Bohning have in common?????They look great,seem to keep working and you guessed it their all plasticHave a great day!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westy View Post
    What do you recomend for fletching jig to replace my old grayling???:noidea:Love those 4" quikspins so it's got to be a straight set!!!!
    You can get a basic set from Firenock Aerovane Jig for just about $200.00
    Bare Jig, $125.00
    Clamp: $80.00
    a set of chuck and hook $20.00
    to start, not all people need laser, neck, case, adjustable chuck and all sizes which can lead to $800+ for the full system.

    Even the cheapest one has the ceramic on titanium index chuck which should give you no less than 1/4 to upward of 1/72 of a degree accuracy on the index! Do a search on You tube and see why and how it cost so much or for those who know (so little) for what it offers and does.
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    Westy have I ever lied to you. jojan is all you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRat1 View Post
    You cant beat the Bitzenburger jig, I would suggest getting one and buying a Firenock clamp. The Firenock straight clamp is designed in a way that will allow it to wrap around the tail on the back of the vane. This combo will do an excellent job for you. This combo will cost you less than $100 to $110.

    I will take this response just a tat further and give opinions on a variety of jigs in case others are looking for jigs as well.

    Currently the absolute best jig on the market is the way overbuilt Firenock Jig, and I do mean overbuilt. This thing is the Rolls Royce of jigs it is a highly precision tool with the strongest magnets I have ever seen on a fletching jig! But it comes at a premium, you can have upwards of 800.00 in a single jig if you decide to buy every option available.

    The ole standard that has stood the test of time is the bitzenburger jig, until the Firenock Jig hit the market the Bitz was the best available. It does a great job on most fletching jobs but you cant get a true 3 degree helical with a 2 in vane.

    From here you have a ton of home shop grade jigs such as the Bohing Helix, Tower, Arizona Ez Fletcher, grayling etc. all are good jigs for the home shop and wont break the bank. The best two for 2 in vanes would be the Helix or Ez Fletcher, you can get a really radical helical using either of these.

    In our proshop we use Bitzenburger jigs for about 80% of our fletching, 15% with Bohning Helix (customer requested) and about 5% with the Firenock jigs. The Firenock jigs were purchased to handle vanes such as Duravane Fusion Vanes. It holds them tight to the shafts producing a more uniform fletching job.
    will agree 100% on the bitz jig
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