Came across a little piece of metallic remedy for those of you who are shooting their bow with an HHA dial slider or any HHA with a lock knob and micro adjust knob. I found that if you lock the windage adjustment 2 finger locking knob in place and tighten down on the windage adjustment dial itself until snug while the lock knob is engaged it will eliminate the metallic sound from the adjustment knob with the ball bearing when the bow is fired. I was hearing a metallic sound and just could not find out where it was coming from so i took it to my pro shop for a once over and the guy looked it over like 10x tapping different parts of the bow, came to find out that the micro adjustment knob was to loose that it makes a crazy metallic rattle at the end of the shot, we tightened it down and all metallic sound is now gone. I hope this bit of info helps someone :-)