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    hey all. so i went to Cabelas last weekend and fired a bow for the first time ever and i have completely fallen in love. I tried several bows mostly from bear and PSE. Then i tried the Diamond fugitive rak. It seems that it is a perfect fit for me. nice smooth draw. I don't even feel the release. i have a 26in draw at 60#'s. 600 is a bit more than i wanted to spend but this coming paycheck I'm going to pick it up. I then did some research and i think im suppose to be shooting a 400 spine 300 grain arrow including the 100 target tip to maximize FPS. I plan to target shoot this year. I want to make sure i am proficient with the bow before i go wound an animal. I have hunted with a rifle since I was 10. had my first .22 at 8 and can tell its definitely different using a bow. I have a couple questions however. 1. Should i use a heavier tip if i plan to hunt next year to become accustomed to shooting with the same setup? 2. is 300g heavy enough to take down say a whitetail? I want to use the carbon arrows as everywhere i have read says they are overall better in longevity and in use. I am not sure the type of rest that comes with the bow; however, the gentleman at Cabelas said i would probably want to upgrade to a drop away rest as it effects your accuracy greatly. I'm not sure if this is true or not but he seemed on the up an up. well i have bounced around to a lot of different questions not sure how to categorize as i only have shot for about an hour at Cabelas. I do know that im hooked. and cant wait to get this bow and get out shooting. any advice would be greatly appreciated. please forgive my ineptitude I'm trying to learn. here is the link to the setup i plan to purchase. Sorry i cannot get it to hyperlink. Thank you again for the help
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