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Thread: New to Archery

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    Default New to Archery

    I have a 13 year old daughter who is very interested in learning about archery. I am not sure how to get her started. Can anyone give me some advice?? Thank you very much.

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    where are you from? is there an archery in the schools program at her school if not I would contact the school and try to get one started. Look for your closest archery pro shop and closest archery club. Get her feel wet and if she likes it then spend the money. I have two boys I spend way too much on when i comes to archery stuff. The youngest loves to shoot and trys super hard. The oldest one just like to have the equipment and could care less about shooting. He is very material type of person. I dont suggest going out and spending a ton of money on stuff. Seem the more stuff I get them bc they want it the less they want to shoot. There is something to be said for keeping it simple and that is what the NASP National archery schools program does. If you have any questions feel free to send a message

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