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    Default Advice on PSE Rogue X

    I just found a PSE Rogue X on craigslist nearby for $300. Seller says it is new in box, never been shot, but it is not set up with no accessaries at all. I have been searching online to learn about this bow. Can anybody here give me your thoughts on the Rogue X?

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    its an ok bow but as for the used market which even though its new in box is still considered used as its not a currnet model. $300 is an ok price if you like it. If you dont already have everything else to set it up you will have another 300-400 into it for sight arrows, rest, stab, quiver, release,case. Ive shot that bow at the shop and it has a fair amount of vibration/shock in the hand. Its kind of on the slow side but the bow will get the job done if it fits into your price range. I would say if you can afford more then pass on it. If this is what you can afford well then thats all your going to get and it will be just fine.

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    Thanks, wihoyt! That is the kind of information I needed. I do think I will pass on this one. I have been looking online at Cabela's, Bass Pro, Hunter's Friend etc., and I think I will be better off with one of their packages if the other items I need are that expensive. Oh well, still looking - my budget is not so much, about $500 or so...

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    I highly suggest going to a real pro shop rather than a box store if you have one near by. Bowtech has a real nice package that I think is close to your budget but I dont know the price off hand. You will be better served in the long run if you make friends with a real archery shop and let them take care of you because most not all actually care about your business

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