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    Default gettin frustrated

    I have the bow and broadheads all ready to go, but everytime in the last 4 weeks I try to get a treestand put up something happens and it hasnt gotten done. today I came walking up the stairs with treestand and climbing sticks in hand and look out the window and its raining WTH. I guess it will happen eventually
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    I used to be like you but then I started to plan to put them up in June which works out better. This late in the game, if it's not raining to hard it does keep your scent down.
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    Default Yep

    Next time start grooming the area in summer, trim tree, create your shooting lanes in the tree and on the ground. Less scent when you return w/ your bow too.
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    Rain is just wet.
    Washes away your scent.
    Not the worst day to put up a stand. Put on a large Glad Bag and put the stand up.
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    Put my stand up a few weeks ago in the pouring rain. I got soaked, but I know that ALL of my scent was washed away. Season opens the 1st, can't wait

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