Managment Hunts
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Thread: Managment Hunts

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    Default Managment Hunts

    I got drawed for Caney Mnt. management hunt this year. Headed out Friday morning. Went last year and only saw a couple of does(oh also the biggest bobcat I'd ever seen). Hoping this years alittle different. This place is just north of Gainsville , MO and talk about hilly! Hopefully my friend and I will both tag out this year! We learned a thing or 2 about the place last year and are planning on using that to our advantage. Not many deer have been taken off this area during the archery hunts. I think they just have it to soon in the year.

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    Default Good luck

    I got skunked for archery season here but getting out is always nice and we saw a big ole longtail up close and personal which made the season memorable. Just go have fun, shooting a deer is the end of the fun. <g>
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    Talking A little known fact !

    I plan to do a management hunt this year , afer a year off , due to wife's sickness that requiried me to aid her !

    There are plenty of deer , but can only shoot does !

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    Got back from my trip to southern Missouri. Messed my chance up on a doe but had a clean miss(5' to the left).
    But on the good news my best friend from gradeschool who I hadn't seen till last year at this same hunt was able to connect on a 7 point buck. We almost didn't find him, had to back out and wait till morning. After a 2 hour or so search for blood I lucked out and found a drop of dried blood right after deciding we weren't going to find it. Tracked it for about 50-60 yards then it stopped. My friend ended up spotting the buck about 25 yards adhead of us.
    This was his first deer and boy did he get an education. The conservation agents were really impressed that we put that much effort into find the deer. With the sun really starting to warm things up there I sent him to town for a bunch of ice and I skinned and processed the deer in the fastest time I have ever processed a deer in my life.
    All in all it was a great trip that I will always remember!

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