I always loved shooting archery as a kid. The question is, do I go balls out, and buy a HOYT Carbon Element? A CRX 32? These bows look MEAN as all HELL. The two questions I have are: Shouldn't I just buy once, and buy right? and if I did, would this be like a freshman taking a hooker to prom?

I haven't shot in about 25 years, so I am WAAAAY out of the game. My intentions are, target practice, turkey and deer hunting, and survival, should the zombies attack and I run out of ammo (Though me running out of ammo is not likely.... heh)

Basically, my wife says NO ! You're crazy !! I just need someone on here to tell me YES !! You're crazy NOT TO BUY IT !! Back me up fellas....

Also... I am in the Wallingford CT area. Just looking for some shout outs... and tips before I do any locale research for hands on shopping and ranges.