What kind of snakes do you want to know about?We've got heaps of the buggers here and now it's springtime there all on the move,really dangerous time at the moment for snake bite!!most common is the Eastern Brown Snake he's the 2nd most venomous snake in the world had one in the back yard last week.Me and the 12 gauge hate snakes.The most deadly snake in the world is also found in my state he's alittle bugger called the Western Tiapan only grows to 4 ft or so or other wise known as a ruff scale snake,you hardly ever see these though he's from western Queensland.3rd most deadly snake in the world lives in my neck of the woods and he's the Eastern Tiapan this bugger can grow to 9ft and has fangs like 3" nails,he can travel at 25-30 mph and can be a real handfull at times,praise god for the 12 gauge. 9 of the top 10 deadly snakes in the world live in my back yard would you like me to send you some??????