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    Default Finding the right equipment

    I'm new to Archery and am having trouble finding equipment best suited for me. As of right now I'm only shooting at a target, but I hope to soon progress to hunting. I was looking at various Recurve bows and browsing the internet finding "How to choose the perfect Recurve bow" articles. According to several charts I've seen, I have a draw length of 28 inches. As for the draw weight I've seen about 50#-60#. Is there a nice right-handed Recurve that anyone could suggest to me that would be well-suited? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't know much about traditional, but I think finding a shop or someone local who is willing to help is best.

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    I have a Heritage Series Impala, 28 inch 35 lb pull, my son a buckeye Heritage Series. Bought them both from Cabelas. You really need to try them out to find which one feels best to you.

    Respectfully, Rickey

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