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Thread: Menace vs craze

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    Default Menace vs craze

    I recently found an archery club that has weekly kids night . I have two daughters 6,8 I am trying to set up. I was thinking about the mission menace ,this seems to be a bow they use now and still be plenty for the deer woods. The pro shop is trying to push the craze,I understand that you get a lot more bow for the money but I don't think they need a heavier bow right now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Talking Here's what I think !

    First off welcome to this site !

    I brought the Mission Menace , and it goes up to 55 lbs. which is enough for deer size game and I believe can be turned down lower than the Craze .

    The Menace is an easy bow to adjust , my grandkids are into alot of sports so my time using it has been limited , but it will fit me at a 30 inch draw !

    I'd buy another if it was used more !

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    I understand our schedule is crazy also. Thanks for the reply.

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