So unbeknownst to me my wife decided to track me down a bow to replace the Bear Flare 2 bow that I have. Well that being said she had a friend who is also knew to archery track me one down on craigslist. They ended up finding an Alpine Archery Alpine Hunter bow. The only thing I can find on it was it was made in 1993 has a 70# draw weight and is adjustable from 28-31 inches draw length. They bought it from some shady guy in NC for $250! and it looks not much newer than the bear flare 2 I had, I'm enraged! and to top it off I think it's stolen, because it doesn't have a sticker where every bow I know has one with it's specs. can someone at least tell me something useful that may take some sting off my wounds if not i'll just be pissed at the fact my wife made a poor decision and i'm stuck with a bow that's worth 1/4 what she paid for it.