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    Default Scam Warning !!!!

    A guy posing as Jeremy Wiggins / Wigness saying he's from Montana recently tried scamming me for the Apex 7 I had for sale
    he tried to get me to ship it to Great Falls Montana
    I've had the Postal Fraud team & the Secret Service trying to get him along with help from team

    Just as a coincidence... I sold this same bow to a Jeremy from TN

    just wanted to give everyone a heads up
    see PM's rec'd here from him:

    Montana. My sons best friend was just killed by a gun and my son is now scared of the weapons. Him and I are HUGE hunters and now I'm stuck with an option: Quite hunting or Bow hunt with the boy. I need a good bow for each of us and I see you have one. I will pay 600.00 if that includes the shipping. I will air mail the payment upon delivery of the item if you would prefer. I am an honest hard working US native, and if we can work this out I'd appreciate it. God Bless!


    Badge # 7146 Great Falls Police Force

    Yes sir you can. I emailed you on your email address. My son and I appreciate it and will send you a bank money order when it arrives, and I'll throw you a Christmas tip for being so wonderful. In all my years I havn't been so happy, Merry Christmas!

    Jeremy Wigness
    PO BOX 1573
    Great Falls, MT 59403

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    Forward a copy of the PM to me so I can do a little digging into this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Forward a copy of the PM to me so I can do a little digging into this.
    could you please explain how to forward my PM's to you

    I'd be happy to

    If you look at you'll see this guy has been VERY busy

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    keep your eye out for this guy. It seems he is on ebay as well.

    Here is his information

    Geremy Wigness
    15395 400TH ST
    North Branch MN 55056

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    Default Ttt

    There Is Also A Post On At That He Has Traded And Scamed A Member There Also Seller On E-bay So Keep A Watch Out......

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