A guy posing as Jeremy Wiggins / Wigness saying he's from Montana recently tried scamming me for the Apex 7 I had for sale
he tried to get me to ship it to Great Falls Montana
I've had the Postal Fraud team & the Secret Service trying to get him along with help from Escrow.com team

Just as a coincidence... I sold this same bow to a Jeremy from TN

just wanted to give everyone a heads up
see PM's rec'd here from him:

Montana. My sons best friend was just killed by a gun and my son is now scared of the weapons. Him and I are HUGE hunters and now I'm stuck with an option: Quite hunting or Bow hunt with the boy. I need a good bow for each of us and I see you have one. I will pay 600.00 if that includes the shipping. I will air mail the payment upon delivery of the item if you would prefer. I am an honest hard working US native, and if we can work this out I'd appreciate it. God Bless!


Badge # 7146 Great Falls Police Force

EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT mt7146@yahoo.com
Yes sir you can. I emailed you on your email address. My son and I appreciate it and will send you a bank money order when it arrives, and I'll throw you a Christmas tip for being so wonderful. In all my years I havn't been so happy, Merry Christmas!

Jeremy Wigness
PO BOX 1573
Great Falls, MT 59403