2011 Elite Pure #60 bow, 30" draw with matching Elite stabilizer and quiver. Rip cord "code Red" arrow rest. 5 pin Black Gold sight. used for target shooting only. Purchased bow in Feb. 2011 for my son. He is away at school and shows no interest.
Bow has Black frame with Realtree AP limbs.
Will also include 1 dozen Easton FMJ 300 spine arrows with 75gr inserts, Fusion vanes.
Bow has been to the range only excelent condition, recently tuned.
EFX Cams
Axle to Axle 36"
Brace 7"
Draw Length 30'Draw Weight 50, 60, Mass Weight 4.1 lbs
Let-Off 80%+
IBO Speed 326-330 FPS*
Kinetic Energy 85 FPE*
Centershot 13/16"-7/8"
I can send pictures