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    Default Question: Is Less Actually More?

    I figure you competition shooters are a pretty hardcore crowd and best qualified to answer my question.

    I tried something new today. instead of the usuall 3-5 dozen arrow practice, I placed five arrows in my quiver and took five shots from 25 yards. My thought process is this...when hunting I can hope to take one shot. Practicing with fewer arrows will:

    1) better represent shooting in the field
    2) eliminate "getting tired" as an excuse for poor shots/fliers
    3) force me to really slow down the whole process and focus
    4) motivate me to shoot my best and concentrate on my form

    But of course the whole argument regarding muscle memory goes out the window with this approach.

    So you guys who shoot perfect scores...what do you think of my theory?
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    I guess I take a different approach to practicing. Let's assume that you have your equipment set up and tuned to your best ability. after that the bow is capable of shooting the same every time.

    Then what is the purpose of practicing at all? The bow isn't going to change. Ah, but I do and so my reason for practicing is to refine my shot sequence. That means building that muscle memory and mental picture till it's so ingrained that in something like a hunting scenerio I go into auto pilot as much as possible.

    Shooting a 5 arrow practice session isn't going to accomplish this. To keep from getting overly tired I usually shoot 3 arrows per end, taking sufficient time between shots for the muscles to relax and recover from the previous shot. I also shoot a lower draw weight that allows me to literally shoot for hours without tiring to a point of struggling with the bow.

    Of course, I'm not just standing there pounding the target. I shoot my three arrows. Then there is the travel time to retrieve them. Often times there is somebody else there so a short BS session ensues. In other words, I take my time and not only enjoy the shooting, but the whole time at the range.

    Having been shooting compounds for nearly 40 years my muscle memory is pretty solid. It's the brain that I struggle with (target panic). I don't shoot as well as I once did, but I practice to keep the brain in gear and jsut because I enjoy shooting.
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