You see ton of shows, books, and mag. articles on how, when, and where to shoot deer.

I'm gonna do a show on how not to shoot a deer. I think I had the perfect weekend on how to screw up a deer hunt.

Friday night I just plain misjudged the wind and sat with the wind hitting me in the back all night. I told myself to move to another stand but really just didn't feel like pickin up all my stuff and moving. Didn't see a hair except for one real wacky squirrel that decided he wanted to jump from his tree onto my tree stand, while I was in it although one perfectly place kick when he was jumping from tree to stand conviced him to stay away from me for the rest of the night. Strike one

Sat. night. Had a nice 8 point walking through at 15 yards wind was in my face and he had no idea I was there. I waited for him to get behind a tree to draw my bow back and then he stopped, right behind the tree with me at full draw. So I wait, and I wait, and I start shaking but still I wait. Just about the time I decide there is no way I can hold this bow back anymore he steps out. Now I got the shakes going on and my form fell apart 30 seconds ago but I think...I can do this and proceed to sink a slick trick deep in a pine tree. Strike two

Sunday morning. A cool 20 degrees or so out finds me all bundled up sitting up in a tree. A nice 1.5 doe is heading my way and I think "Well it's time to break this bad luck streak and put some meat in the deep freeze" I like to shoot standing up so I stand up and I slowly raise my bow and start drawing and snap she looks right at me. So there I stand once again with the bow fully extended but not fully drawn, and once again I play how long can I hold my bow in this position. Let me tell you a 4 pound bow get heavy real fast when you holding it at arms length. Just about the time that beeds of sweat start forming on my brow she looks the other way. I say to myself "Perfect" and start to draw again........aauuugghhh!!! ain't happening, my arms are so tired I can't pull it back. Between the long hold on saturday and holding the bow up for so long waiting for the doe to move I was all done. So off she goes on to live another day. Stike three

I'm out

I went to the bar for the afternoon hunt................I struck out there too

Lets hear about your perfect ways to screw up a hunt.