Decided to go for it and went mulie hunting on a 3 day spot (Fri-Sun) and stalk backpack hunt in So. Calif. w/ a buddy. I took only my bow...he carried a winmag. Hiked and hunted until my legs, back and butt were frozen and locking up from fatigue. Had deer as close as 15 yards staring at me for minutes (thank you Optifade) but they were all does and spikes. Sunday morning shortly after 1st light I'm buried under a tree I'd carefully raked and trimmed to create shooting lanes. My bud is 1000 yards away in a similar set-up. I hear stuff moving behind me but can't see anything in the dense brush yet. Then BOOM! The .300 sent a shockwave thru the small canyon that made me jump in my seat. Mulie-blacktail hybrid down. We quarter and debone it and call it a hunt. My tag expires next Sunday. I'm feelin' kinda frustrated...second guessing not taking the rifle. sigh