Happy Veteran’s Day! It sounds so pleasant doesn’t it? But I wonder if it isn’t a bit contrite.
Today we honor our veterans…brave men and women, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who chose to serve their country and forego the creature comforts we enjoy.
Few people can appreciate the staggering, mind altering horrors of battle these proud Americans experience. The overwhelming and defeafening sounds of explosions, gunfire and the screaming from friends wounded and dying around them. And even in the midst of this horror they give and take orders, execute their missions and obtain their objectives. I can only imagine…and stand in awe of these amazing patriots. They walk thru hell so we don’t have to. How can we ever really thank them?

Perhaps “Happy” is not the best salutation for today. Perhaps instead we should find a phrase that reflects greater appreciation, contemplation, and respect for our vets. Something deeper, more thought-provoking that aknowledges the vast sacrifices they and their fallen comrades (and their families) made (and continue to make) for our nation and the freedoms and comforts we enjoy. And maybe we should
thank God for our vets. Just imagine were we’d be without them.
God Bless You Veterans…and thank you!