An important annoucement everyone !
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    Wink An important annoucement everyone !

    I have to report this here as I , Carpshooter is more respected here in the offtopic section than the others sections here on this site !

    Today as yours trully along with my better half were leaving to go to the city for those new wire cutters that I need for cross-country deer hunting , I noticed a package left at my front door .

    After delaying my time going to the city , I brought this package inside and openned it . To my surprised was no doubt a present from those fellows at some archery company of what appeared to be a prototype , possiblely a 2013 or later model of the future !

    I still went to the city first , afterall I need those new wire cutters !

    When I got home , I strung that bow as it was so secret that they must of never wanted their own string makers to not be aware of it's existence !

    It has a wood finish on one side and a color full painting on the other side , in otherwords it is a half painted bow !

    I know everyone and their brother wants to see what no doubt is the newest speed bow of the future !

    It appears to be about 20 inches ATA and as must speed have a 2 & 1/2 inch brace height and a IBO modified speed by it's maker of around 440 fps ( that's my guess ) !

    Here are the photos that are top secret , hey what are they going to do to a Hoyt shooter anyway ? !

    I think the name of it will be the boomerang , right Westy ? !
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