I am new here but didn't know where else to go to sell my bow. I am going to list it on auction site also but thought I would try here.
It is a 66" Long Bow from Bama Bows (he is in Arkansas). It is a Royal model, if you go to his site you can see the model, custom made for me. Here are the specs:
Royal model longbow with bamboo core and cocobolo veneers,bocote/cocobolo riser, buffalo horn tips,45#@28",64AMO,66"long Right Hand.
This thing is gorgeous. I bought it from him Dec of last yr. I seriously injured my back shortly afterwards and haven't shot it since. Stored inside, unstrung. Comes with softcase and string. email me for pics at atkinson.bh@gmail.com
I have great ebay, paypal ratings if you need to check me out. You can also contact nathaniel at Bama Bows and give him my name if you want to find out about me or the bow. Also comes with a new box of hand made hand painted wooden arrows I never shot. They are beautiful. Paid almost $600...$300 plus shipping and its yours. FIRM