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It was nothing too overly fantastic, but things I needed and wanted. Shoes, clothes (normally he picks out stuff I won't or can't wear), But mostly I was surprised with things I liked! Plus, I had some friends that were mad that he didn't get me anything last year, so they spoiled me a little

In our 9 years together, there has been 3 Christmas' where he got me absolutely NOTHING, so just that he got me something and I didn't have to go pick it out myself makes me happy!!

I do have to add, it is a little frustrating when he tells me how broke we are so I spend lots of time trying to stay within a SMALL budget for 4 people and then he goes out and spends about 1/2 of what I had to budget just on me.
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thank goodness for gift cards. I have found that men can not buy clothes for woman. it will either be to big,to small,wrong color,out of style, or I wouldnt be caught dead in that. it sure beats standing in the exchange line for a couple hours.

I have to say I'm on the same page with Longcut. I either piss her off with a size to big, or it won't fit. That color clashes with her hair ect. ect. blaa blaa blaaa blaaah. So this year I got her cash with a promise to take her to the mall without bitchin.

Of course I fulfilled my promise on the day after Christmas when I dropped her off at the mall and me and the kid went for the bike ride.

Now Wheelie in years past when your DH(dearest husband) forgot to get you a Christmas present was there any sort of agreement made about not buying each other presents, we will spend it on the kids and make it special for them??? I know when times were tough in our household I fell for that trick once or twice. We agreed not to get anything for each other and just buy for the kids then on Christmas day she gives me a gift and I had nothing for her.
I don't fall for that trick anymore and always have a back up gift come Christmas, birthdays, and hollowween, just incase.