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    Default deer decoy question

    Hey guys I am needing some help ive got some xmas money and I have been wanting to get a deer decoy for awhile now.I will only get one decoy and was wondering if you guys usually had better luck during the rut with just a doe decoy or only a buck decoy, and I am also wondering what decoy you guys have had the best luck with brand wise the most realistic, lightest, and easiest to setup.Thanks guys any help is much appreciated.

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    I got the carry lite buck decoy that can be used as a doe also..I have had great luck with it, however I have not killed a buck using it but they have come to it and knocked it over a few times, it was pretty cool stuff. Its usually during the seek phase of the rut I have had the best luck.

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    I agree with z7 I have the same decoy and have had similar experiences.

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