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    Here is a picture of the inner workings of the Evolution. You can see that rotating your release hand has nothing to do with firing the release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcmorgan31 View Post
    I really like this release, but it isn't an easy fix to your form problems. It should definately solve a persons punching problem. In doing that for me, it has brought to my attention another form flaw that I didn't know existed. You will have to learn to draw into your back wall the same every time. You may think you are now, but wait until you get the Evolution.

    I can set the break weight on my Evolution to a certain poundage and have 1 of 3 things happen.

    1. I can draw and anchor perfectly and then push to a flawless shot (I hear angels sing when this happens....),

    2. I can draw and anchor harder into my back wall. When I release the safety, the bow fires. These shots usually score well because I can hold steady at the beginning of my sequence and I release the safety slowly.

    3. I can draw and anchor weak into the wall. When I do this, I generally turn red while trying to set the thing off. I usually shift my focus to breathing so that I dont pass out. I pull and pull until I get shaky and either let down like I should, or show my stubborn macho side and keep pulling even though the "X" looks like a moth flying around a light bulb and I shoot a 4 if i'm lucky.

    It is a great release, but like all others, you may have to do the dreaded "blind bale" torture to get a great feel for it.
    Man you described this release to a "T" there jcmorgan31. And that aint no joke man. I have shot a couple 300 scores with it in 5 spot but man I tell ya, ya earn the score at the end. This release is the greatest thing for me since shooting the Binary Cams!!. Good post and great description of a great Release.

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