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    Default Archery shop is hiring

    A North Texas archery shop is looking to hire! We are looking for two people that are ready to work in a high volume/high retail/customer service environment. Position will be required to maintain a high level of customer service to our current & new customer base. Must be willing to learn from one of the best staffs in North Texas as well as teach new & experienced archers, young & old, male & female. Training will be hands-on directly by our staff.

    If interested, drop us an e-mail at

    Thank you

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    Talking Here's what I think !

    This is good news , now we need to get buddy Westy to move there !

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    Default Just thought you'd like to know

    Is this a hijacking in process????I would like to move to Texas as it seems to be the most normal state in Then I'd be the Wild Wild West from Texas!!!!!
    I've learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.

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    Well, if I ever do move to Texas .............
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